Running With a Joyful Mind Retreats

Posted on 24. Feb, 2010 by in Uncategorized

Since her involvement with One World Running beginning a decade ago, the goal of Ana Weir in putting on races in developing nations has been promoting a lifestyle and attitude of health and fitness, one that many of you have. This involves more than running and racing. It is an approach to life, and how we see ourselves and others –and ultimately, in others. On our philanthropic shoe distribution trips, in addition to running, we promote nutrition; yoga; and meditation to those traveling, and to the teachers overseeing the distributions. This summer of 2010, we will have a 3-day retreat here in Colorado, over the July 4 weekend. The purpose is to illustrate how service to others can be a kind of meditation — one that takes us out of the “what about me” attitude to one of understanding what some call our basic inner goodness. Two one-day seminars will also be held. The legend who will help you with your running is Arturo Barrios.

There are also two-day and one-day retreats, with all proceeds going to fund our fall shipment to Haiti.


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