Here is what Santa Rosa, Calif., journalist Chris Smith wrote about the Great Shoe-In Sendoff Celebration last weekend:

SHOE-IN: That was some scene in the parking lot of the new hillside Shomrei Torah temple Saturday. Dozens of kids from the Santa Rosa congregation’s Jewish School danced and sang alongside a colossal heap of used (and a few new) shoes. The students had hoped to collect a few hundred pairs for people in need. But their quest caught on, and soon people all over town were collecting shoes too. Saturday’s celebration was a send-off for 2,383 pairs. Some will go to homeless people, and most will be sanitized and shipped to children and adults in Africa. Definitely worth dancing about.

Will post photos later. Many thanks to the enthusiasm and competence that Barbara has brought to the project. The old record was set by Eric and his high school cross country buddies in ohio in 2006, roughly 1,800 pairs.

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Shoe distribution in Kenya to local school children.
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