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The annual Belize Run was a success, our largest race so far in this small Central American country. A dozen undergraduates from Ohio State University distributed a total of 1,184 shoes to youngsters from 28 schools, as well as adults. The race was televised live on Belize TV channel 5, with the Prime Minister’s wife […]

Running With a Joyful Mind Retreats

Since her involvement with One World Running beginning a decade ago, the goal of Ana Weir in putting on races in developing nations has been promoting a lifestyle and attitude of health and fitness, one that many of you have. This involves more than running and racing. It is an approach to life, and how […]

One World Belize Run 2009

One World Belize Run: 2009 2010 Belize Run is set for March 20-29, starting in Belize City. Join us as we put on a race and distribute shoes. One World Running: Community Race And Shoe Donation Belize, 2009.

Boulder Running Company — Tech Center Opens

Congratulations to Peter Solano on the newly opened Boulder Running Company – Tech Center store. Peter served in the U.S. Marine Corps, seeing heavy fighting in Iraq. He was wounded and unable to continue his service, received his medical discharge. After a State Department job in Mexico, Peter took the plunge this January and opened […]

Haiti Relief

Donate for shipment of medical supplies and shoes Two months ago, Ana was in Haiti delivering shoes. Now, she is trying to get in contact with her friends there, including a number of doctors and nurses who help her put on health clinics. Weir is overseeing a cargo container of supplies being shipped to Haiti. […]

Sand Creek Massacre Healing Run

The two runners in front are carrying the staffs. The Sand Creek Massacre site is in the background, behind the trees and bluff. One World Running was proud to be a part of the 2009 Sand Creek Massacre Spiritual Healing Run, commemorating those Native Americans killed in the 1864 Sand Creek Massacre, in southeastern Colorado. […]

Roatan Run in Honduras After being postponed because of an earthquake, and then the coup, the 2009 Roatan Run went off, thanks in large part to one of our volunteers, Loretta Zapp.


We had a nice note back from The Gambia, from the kids on the softball team that received the last batch of shoes. Photos to follow when they arrive. John Meyer of the Denver Post wrote a nice column today about the shoe project. John is the Olympic writer for the Post and has the […]

Juja delivery for Kenyan, Somalian and Sudanese orphans

Patty Zishka is a medical doctor who volunteered to bring shoes to an orphanage in Juja, Kenya, a “suburb” of Nairobi roughly an hour from downtown. The orphanage is run by a German nu, Sister Luise, who has been doing wonderful work for more than 25 years. The orphanage houses, feeds and educates over 100 […]

Sandy Bay, Honduras

STUDENTS IN SANDY BAY, on the island of Roatan, Honduras, saw their race postponed in June because of a big earthquake 30 miles off-shore. But the 1,000 pairs of shoes arrived safely — 600 pairs for the mainland and 400 for Sandy Bay — and we are looking forward to rescheduling the race this fall. […]

Make a Difference – Donate Today

Shoe distribution in Kenya to local school children.
From collection and storage, to washing, then shipping and distribution through races and events from Africa to Central and South America your donation goes a long way.