2017 Shoe Distribution Update

2017 has been successful so far, as we look ahead the second half of the year:

The February La Farola Cuba trip was a big success, thanks to the old and new volunteers who brought shoes to Oriente Province, Cuba.  The next Cuba trips are November, 2017, and then February, 2018.

Next came our trip to Belize and Guatemala, with new volunteer Vicki Ash, her daughter and her friend.  Five hundred pairs were distributed in the Cayo District, Belize, with another 100 in Guatemala.  This was a trip where we were able to experience the Maya culture and history.

In June, Native American coordinator Chanmila Win once again organized the annual Mother Earth Trail Half Marathon on the Yankton Reservation in South Dakota. Chanmila has put in many hours over the years and deserves a huge thank you. New volunteer Bud Talbott, a trail runner and professor, drove 100 pairs of shoes and 200 new tech shirts to Yankton, with his family, while Chanmila delivered the remainder.


Please join us in November; contact Ana at oneworldrunning@gmail.com for details.


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Shoe distribution in Kenya to local school children.
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